Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow, Royal Historical Society
  • President and co-founder of the International Society for First World War Studies

The society gathers together over 300 scholars at every academic level in 27 countries worldwide. It runs a website and a discussion list (for further information see The Society has held nine international conferences (Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lyon in 2001; Oxford University, 2003; Trinity College, Dublin, 2005; Georgetown University / German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C, 2007; Imperial War Museum, London, 2009; Innsbrück, 2011; Paris, 2013; Trento/Padua, 2015; Oxford University, 2016).

In 2001 and 2003, I took on the responsibility for organizing, funding and managing our gatherings that assembled over 50 scholars from Europe, North America and Australia.

In September 2009, the Society launched First World War Studies, a peer-refereed journal published by Taylor & Francis and whose first issue came out in 2010.

  • American Historical Association
  • Society for the Study of French History
  • Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Research Groups

  • Member of the Steering Committee, Globalizing, Localizing the Great War Project, University of Oxford
  • Partner & Executive Board Member, Collaborative EuropeaN Digital/Archival Infrastructure, European Consortium coordinated by the Long Room Hub, Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Member of the Editorial Board/Strategic Partner, 1914-1918 Online International Encyclopedia of the First World War, coordinated by Professor Oliver Janz (Freie Universität Berlin) and Professor Alan Kramer (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Birmingham – Sciences Po Seminar, Reconstructions, 1918-1939. La France et la Grande-Bretagne dans l’Europe de l’entre-deux-guerres, Co-convenor with Dr. C. Berthezène (Université de Paris-Diderot/Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po)
  • Member, Academic Advisory Board, Lives of the Great War Project (Imperial War Museum)
  • Member, Academic Advisory Board, JISC WWI Discovery Programme: Content Prioritisation (King’s College, London)
  • Member, Academic Advisory Board, JISC WWI Open Educational Resources (University of Oxford)
  • Member, Academic Advisory Board, National WWI Museum, Liberty Memorial, Kansas City (USA)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Research Centre of the Historial de la Grande Guerre (France)
  • Co-Investigator, Conceptualizing and measuring resilience: the critical role of redundancy in physical, ecological and social system – interdisciplinary research group, University of Birmingham
  • Member of the “Mémoires Combattantes” international research group (France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia), coordinated by Professor Olivier Wieviorka (ENS Cachan) and Professor Antoine Prost (University of Paris I ‑ Sorbonne) – Project funded by the French Ministry of Defence
  • Associate Member, British Studies, Interdisciplinary Research Group, E.H.E.S.S., Paris
  • Member of the “Capital cities at war. Paris, London, Berlin. 1914-1919” research group, coordinated by Prof. Jay Winter, Yale University, and Prof.  Jean-Louis Robert, University of Paris I – Sorbonne. Organiser of the final meeting of the group at the Maison Française, University of Oxford, 12-14 December 2003.

Conference Organization

  • “The First World War as Coalition Warfare”, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, London. Conference organized by the IFRU, the University of Warwick and the University of Picardie, 15 November 2016
  • “Reconstruction and Resettlement in the Wake of War: Global Perspectives in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”, Trinity College Dublin, 26-27 February 2016
  • “Observing the First World War. Franco-British Perspectives on the centenary of the Great War”, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, London. Conference organized by the IFRU, the University of Warwick and the University of Picardie, 3 November 2015
  • “1914 and the Making of the Twentieth Century”, Texas A&M, College Station (TX), 17-19 September 2013
  • “Future Wars, Imagined Wars: Towards a Cultural History of the pre-1914 period” Conference organized at the Historial de la Grande Guerre (France) by the Historial’s Research Centre, the German Historical Institute (Paris), the Institut Universitaire de France and the Centre for First World War Studies, 9-10 November 2011
  • “World War I as a Global Conflict: New Directions in Cultural, Social, and Military History” Panel organized by the International Society for First World War Studies, Society for Military History Conference, Lisle (IL), USA, 9-12 June 2011
  • “Aftermath: Legacies and Memories of War in Europe, 1918-1945-1989” Conference organized at the University of Birmingham by the Graduate Centre for Europe, the European Research Institute and the Centre for First World War Studies, on 23-24 September 2010
  • “Sarkozy’s France. A Year On” Conference organized by the University of Birmingham and Demos
    French Institute, London, on 5-6 May 2008 (
  • 2nd Biennial Conference of the International Society for First World War Studies
    University of Oxford, 23-24 June 2003
  • Inaugural Conference of the International Society for First World War Studies
    Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lyon, 7-8 September 2001

Editorial experiences

  • Editor-in-Chief, First World War Studies
  • Editorial Advisory Board (History), Oxford Handbook Online (Oxford University Press)
  • Member of the Editorial Assistants Board of the Journal of War and Culture Studies (2006-2009)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Histoire et Sociétés, a quarterly journal of European social history, Paris, edited by Alternatives Economiques and the Groupe d’Histoire sociale (2001-2003)

Peer Review Evaluation

  • European Commission, Horizon 2020 Programmes
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council, Peer Review College, Member – History (2012-2019)
    Membership categories: Academic – International
  • Research Council UK (RCUK) – Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS)
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) – Modern History
  • Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland) – Modern History
  • Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France) – Social sciences
  • Federal Science Policy Office – BELSPO (Belgium) – Modern History
  • Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Strasbourg – Fellowship Scheme


  • Editorial Peer Review for Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales, RUSI Journal; First World War Studies; Contemporary European History; War in History; Social and Cultural History; History of Political Thought; Canadian Journal of History; Bulletin of Italian Politics; Histoire@Politique (France); Histoire et Sociétés (France); Cultures & Conflits (France); Digital Humanities Commons
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Oxford University Press; Cambridge University Press; Palgrave Academic Division; Bloomsbury Academic; Brill Academic Publishing; I.B Tauris