Public Engagement

Public Lectures & Knowledge Exchange Activities

  • Public debate: “Did the western Allies win the war but lose the peace?”, Birmingham, 7 March 2017 – Hopscotch Consulting/Department of Education-DCMS Centenary programme
  • Public engagement project: Harbury Men in the Great War, a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, 2016
  • “Diplomacy and World War I”, Google Hangouts at State, US State Department, 15 April 2015
  • “The Aftermath of War – The Urban Transition from War to Peace.”, The World at War – International Speakers Series, Canada War Museum, Ottawa, 20 November 2014
  • “Nations worth dying for? National identities and the coming of the Great War”, WWI Historical Association Symposium, National World War I Museum, Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, 8-9 November 2013
  • Member, 2014-2018 UK National Partnership, coordinated by the Imperial War Museum
  • Member, 2014-2018 National Digital Partnership, coordinated by JISC, the BBC, and the Imperial War Museum
  • « Briser l’Union Sacrée ». Conflits sociaux et mobilisation nationale en France, 1914-1918, public lecture delivered at the « La France et la Nouvelle-Zélande pendant la Grande Guerre » conference, organized by the University of Waikato, Le Quesnoy (France), 3 November 2008
  • “France, America, and the history of the First World War”, series of 3 public lectures organised by the Alliance Française in the U.S.A., New York – Washington, D.C., October – November 2007
  • Programme Tutor, The Vimy Foundation Award Programme, Pembroke College, Oxford, 2006, 2008-10

Media (Print, TV, Radio)

  • Print: La Croix, Interview on British commemorations of the First World War, 13 November 2010 ; La Croix, Interview on American commemorations of WWI, 17 January 2014;   Sunday Telegraph (UK), “Propaganda and the tragedy of consent”, 3 November 2013; Publico (Portugal), Interview on memory of the First World War in Europe, 26 January 2014; Politika (Serbia), Interview on the origins and memory of WWI, 1 February 2014 (Spanish translation here), Interview on the origins and memory of WWI, 1 February 2014; Le Monde, Interview on British memory of WWI, Hors-série, April 2014; Le Monde, 26 Juin 2014Le, opinion piece, 3 June 2015; The New Day, opinion piece, 15 March 2016.
  • Historical documentary: Contributor, Dans la peau du premier caméraman de guerre(MC4 productions / RMC Découverte), 2016
  • TV: “The Battle over Pension Reforms in France”, Inside Story – Al Jazeera English, 23 October 2010; “Debating Genocide”, Inside Story – Al Jazeera English, 29 February 2012; “The lessons of WWI”, Crosstalk – Russia Today, 14 July 2014; SkyNews Live – Response to terror attack in Nice, 15 July 2016; Analysis of 2017 French Presidential Elections (TRT World News, x2 ; France24 English, x3; Sky News Arabia, “Friendly Fire”; BBC News, World Business Report).
  • Radio: BBC Radio 4 News Briefing – The Chilcot Inquiry, 21 January 2010; BBC Radio 4, “The Moral Maze” – The French Riots, 16 November 2005; BBC Radio 4, “The Great War of Words” – Ep. 1: 4 February 2014, Ep. 2: 11 February 2014; BBC Radio 5 – Response to terror attack in Nice, 16 July 2016; BBC World Service – French Presidential campaign, 21 April 2017

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