My research to date has focused on the comparative history of war and especially on the experience of the British, French, and Belgian populations in World War I. I have researched and published on wartime social mobilization, the experience of refugees, and pictorial humour. My publications analyse the process of nationalization and political mobilization in Britain and France in the early Twentieth Century, the historiography of the First World War, resource mobilization in both world wars, and the transformations of the state in the Great War. My individual publications and contributions to the historiographical debate in this field testify to my commitment to a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the history of modern Europe.

My main project investigates the reconstitution of urban communities in Europe in the aftermath of the First World War (1914-1939). This project proposes to shed new light on the reconstruction of these regions to analyse the rebuilding of European lives in the wake of the conflict. It will thus produce an urban history of the transition from war to peace.

I am also working on the global history and historiography of the First World War and on the memory of the conflict.

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