Resources on Open Access and the Finch Report

I recently  and belatedly woke up to the implications of the move towards Gold Open Access recommended by the so-called Finch Report. Researching the issues raised by the report on behalf of the International Society for First World War Studies, I came across a range of useful resources which may be of help to other colleagues and organizations.

Along with members of the Finch Working Group, the British Government and proponents of Gold OA have been moving fast and aggressively to impose a model whereby authors are required to pay to publish the results of their scientific and scholarly work.

It is essential academic researchers and independent scholars mobilize to mitigate the risks a move to Gold OA would entail. The debate over Open Access is a complex matter, where scholarly and scientific practices, public policy, copyright laws, market mechanisms and professional service often collide and pull in different directions. It is therefore essential to make all relevant information available for stakeholders to adopt an informed.

The following list is – by no means – comprehensive, let alone exhaustive. I will try to update it as the debate progresses.

General Resources on Open Access

Overview of Open Access, University of Liège

Peter Suber’s Open Access policy options

Open Access Publishing on Scoop (curated by Bernard Rentier)

Open Access to Scholarly Publishing, by Penny Carnaby, 22 October 2012

Open access in Africa – green and gold, the impact factor, ‘mainstream’ and ‘local’ research, 4 September 2012

OpenEdition Academic Committee’s statement on Open Access (Platinum and Freemium OA), 12 October 2012

Brussels declaration on open access, 22 October 2012

EnablingOpenScholarship (EOS)

Harvard Open Access Project

Creative Commons license

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Researchers Survey by OAPEN-UK


The Finch Report

The Finch Report

Clip: The Finch Report according to… Professor Dame Janet Finch CBE
Research Libraries UK Conference, 2012

Responses to the Finch Report

International Society for First World War Studies, 9 November 2012

Royal Historical Society’s response, October 2012

British Academy’s response, 26 July 2012

American Historical Association’s Statement on Scholarly Journal Publishing, 24 September 2012

Government to open up publicly funded research, 16 July 2012

HEFCE’s Statement on Open Access, 16 July 2012

The Publishers’ Association welcomes a clear UK Government policy on access to research publications, 16 July 2012

Government invests £10 million to help universities move to open access, 7 September 2012

The Finch Report and RCUK Open Access policy: How can libraries respond? by Natalia Madjarevic

“Not So Fast on ‘Open Access'”, Inside Higher Ed, 24 September2012

Access All Areas: The Finch Report, by Nigel Warburton, ALCS News, 20 November 2012

Stephen Curry on Open Access
Research Libraries UK Conference, 2012


Journal of Victorian Culture Statement, 21 November 2012

Past and Present Statement

Economic History Society response and update

Royal Geographical Society

History Journals’ Statement

Open Access: HEFCE, REF2020 and the Threat to Academic Freedom

Research Funders’ Policies and Statements

British Government

Public access to publicly-funded research, by David Willetts, 2 May 2012


RCUK announces new Open Access policy, 16 July 2012

RCUK Open Access Policy – Our Preference for Gold, 24 October 2012

RCUK Open Access Policy – When to go Green and When to go Gold, 28 September 2012

Research councils announce £17m for open access block grants, 8 November 2012

Going for Gold? The RCUK policy on Access to Research Outputs
Mark Thorley, Chair RCUK Research Outputs Network
Research Libraries UK Conference, 2012


European Union

Scientific data: open access to research results will boost Europe’s innovation capacity, 17 July 2012

OpenAIRE – Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe

Publishers’ Policies and Statements

Publishers Support Sustainable Open Access

Taylor & Francis Open and Routledge Open

Directory of Open Access Journals

Sherpa – Publishers with Paid Options for Open Access

Sherpa – Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving

Universities’ Policies and Statements

Harvard’s Open Access Policies

McGill Librarians announce support of Open Access movement, 26 October 2012


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